Examples of achievements

Strategic Thinking and Business Planning
Led a team of 22 managers and team leaders over a four day workshop in strategic thinking and business planning. This included, engaging of key stakeholders, development and application of business planning diagnostic delivered pre and post, the development of tailored workbooks, facilitation over four days and extensive documentation and follow-up. This resulted in a Business and Operational Plan for the whole organisation and aligned Business and Operational Plans for each of the six Departments.


Executive Coaching
Coaching a senior executive in the world’s largest automobile organisation to view his role as leader of his “own business” and not just a Regional Manager. This change of mindset spread throughout the team. Also trained him to coach his team which in turn led to his team coaching over 40 Dealer Principles and Senior Sales Managers. Workshops with key managers and the development of a coaching culture also resulted.


Consultancy to Develop Coach Training Product
Commissioned to write a coaching training program – Developing Managers as Coaches for Chandler MacLeod. Negotiated the contract, wrote the training program as per the brief, conducted national training with their key learning and development personnel, monitoring the effectiveness of the implementation as well as providing an annual review of the training program.


Leadership Coaching & Key Note Speaker
Coaching the CEO of a global organisation to help him realise the powerful positive and negative effect his world view has on organisational culture and performance. This led to an invitation to be key note speaker at a National Conference and workshops with senior staff.


Development of Career Coaching Program for Executives
Developed a 16 hour Career Coaching Program in 2009 for Recruitment and HR organisations for senior executives who are in career transition or who are wanting a career move. Have successfully taken 5 executives through this in 2009 all now with new significant positions in their career of choice.


Commission and Consulting
Commissioned to develop and implement a 12 month Alcohol Rehabilitation Coaching and Counselling Program. Successfully trialled over two years with 20 alcoholics.


Business Mentoring, Training and Assessment
Mentored over 500 small businesses.


Leadership Development and Coaching
Led five groups of professional men through a 32 week leadership program over a five year period as community service. Also led “City Talk” (monthly leadership discussions for professionals) over two years in Brisbane CBD.