On-Purpose Personal Leadership Programs
“Edward’s knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for this subject are absolutely inspirational. In just a short time, it’s given me clarity for many years to come.”
- Gary Rigby

“Thank you for “The On-Purpose Person Program.” We went with mixed feelings, as both of us are trainers, motivators and mentors, and have been to many seminars that gave us little and left us feeling that we had been robbed. Yours was a refreshing change. Your easy going style, your honesty and integrity and the course content quickly had us participating fully and openly. You have given us the tools and the skills which we will continue to use in our lives and in our business.”
- David and Alma, Directors, Alanda Consulting Services.

“As I was participating in this mentoring program I found myself thinking of my friends and my clients – they must do this program! This course has provoked in me a new outlook for my life, in particular, who I really am and what is truly my Purpose in life (which has always been a mystery to me). I now feel special, unique and empowered.’
- Corinna Reeves – TMP Worldwide

“Hi Edward, I want to express to you my thanks for both the personal and professional interest you took in me, which was a major contributing factor in me deciding to pursue a life that is more ‘on-purpose’ with my goals. I feel that this change in career is going to allow me to live more closely to how I want to live, and that all the things that are important to me, in each of the seven life accounts, will be realized, one by one. My purpose “Maximising Opportunity” has helped me to measure everything I do against a yardstick. I now always ask myself “Am I getting maximum value out of each thing I do/am?” These two words keep me on track in everything that I do and be.” 
- Darren Baker, Australian Federal Police

“The On-Purpose process is the major tool I use in my own life and business to do more of what I do best more profitably. I am now introducing my clients to the On-Purpose principles and am amazed at their enthusiastic response and application in clarifying their personal and business purposes. It’s exciting to see them suddenly realise how much more fun life and business can be.”
- Steve Wanmer, Business Coach of the Year Action International

“Today reminded me not to procrastinate and get on with my life - Excellent presentation.”
- Miriam Trevis Executive Assistant to Director of Mental Health, RBH

Brilliant! This needs to be running at every church, school, university and workplace on the planet. Today has been a key milestone and I know that in years to come I will point to today as the catalyst for change and action – towards my Purpose!
- Aaron Trevis, Managing Director Provision Engineers, Recruitment Firm

“This program, with its understated simplicity is the most powerful, cost effective and skill developing process I have ever been a part of.  Anyone can find and live their purpose by applying the techniques.  Do it!”  
- Carole Vejle

…Throughout my life journey there have been moments of true enlightenment that have helped move me “fast forward”. One of these was when I attended an On-Purpose workshop run by Dr Edward Gifford.  At the start at the workshop I thought “I’ve done all this before, why am I here?”, but little did I know.  As I listened and did the exercises, I started to get the feeling of anticipation but then I experienced a block as I tried to uncover the true Purpose of my life.   With sensitive and insightful questioning, Edward came alongside and suddenly, there was my life Purpose.  Not a long mission or vision statement! No lengthy text! - Just two words.  As I spoke them out my spirit soared and I knew they were right.
Since then, these two words have helped keep me on track at home, within my Christian family and especially at work.  Knowing my life’s Purpose has been really important in the workplace where, at times, there is negativity, uncertainty and power plays.  Sometimes at meetings I find myself getting “sucked in” to the games and when I do repeat those two special words – “Lifting Spirit”, everything changes for me and for those around me.What a difference a day makes! 
- Bet Gaunt PR Manager Blood Bank

On-Purpose Business and Executive Leadership Programs and Workshops

“The On-Purpose programs are significantly different to any other program or seminar I have attended. It enabled us as a group of leaders to be taken to new levels, to see greater possibilities and formulate specific plans to get there. It will challenge and bring about a new focus in continuing to make your work and life make sense. The investment in terms of time, money and energy will bring about huge returns for a lifetime of being On-Purpose.  Edward and Angela Gifford may well possess one of the most valuable and best-kept “secret investments” in Australia.”
- Paul Lanham, Director, Lanhams

“Page after page, The On-Purpose Business expresses feelings into words. More importantly, it provides insights and strategies to take successful action.” 
- Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager

“Outstanding! I’m using the information learned in The On-Purpose Business – especially the Service Model. This fast-reading story will make a difference for me and our company.”
- Charles D. O’Dell, president, Marriott Management Services

“The first step to effectively organising any business is identifying your purpose. Kevin’s book provides the inspiration and instruction to help you do that.” 
- Barbara Hemphill, author of Taming the Paper Tiger

“Just as life rewards those who serve their purpose, so does business. This is ‘must reading’ for those who want to align the soul of a company with its bottom line.” 
-Jeff Olson, CEO and founder, The Peoples Network

“As a director of a business and employer of approximately 50 people, the skills and tools this weekend gave me to develop my own life and thereby give better direction to my employees has been invaluable. I call this weekend a turning point in my life and highly recommend it to everyone for private and business life.”
- David Lanham, Director of Lanhams

“Finally a track to run on…a formula for organisational renewal that is unmatched! This masterpiece captures the essence of great leadership and provides the practical, powerful, essential elements for ‘doing more of what you do best more profitably’!”
- Glenna Salsbury, author of The Art of a Fresh Start

“The four pillars of building an on-purpose business provide inspired thinking that converts people obstacles into unlimited opportunities for personal and business growth.”
- Lou Dicerbo, CLU, ChFC, RFP, GAMA Hall of Fame 1995

“The On-Purpose Person made and incredible personal and professional impact on our sales team. The On-Purpose Business is going to be instrumental in growing our sales from $200 million to our goal of being a billion-dollar force in the men’s clothing business.”
- Ed Fricke, director of training and development, Tom Jones, Company

“This program is an essential tool for all people involved in business (at whatever level) as it helps establish a forum for success, increase and multiplication at both an individual and corporate level. It will help the individual rediscover his place within family, business and community.”
- Tim Lanham, Team Leader

“I have attended many seminars but none have impacted me as this has. It has given me tools I can implement immediately to not only enrich my life, but those around me both at work and at home. The two days were invaluable to me as a leader.”
- Janice Lanham – Education Queensland

TOP Performer Workshop
Comments from a recent workshop with Pacific Data Systems
“A very thought provoking and interesting workshop which we found very challenging and engaging” (George Porter General Manager PDS)
“Opened my eyes from viewing business from a different perspective” (JA)
“This program provides a platform to build an on-purpose self/team and business to improve results and develop TOP performers” (PG)
“This program enlightens everyone to each others strengths, passions and ideas about their particular role within their Company” (MN)

Coach Training and Coaching
“My advice to anybody considering this coaching training is just do it-it pays off…  this is by far the best course I have ever done” 
- Tess Brook, Director of 1st Call Construction P/L

This is one of the most comprehensive training courses that I have ever attended.  I enjoyed the variety in the delivery of the course-(Theory, role play, involvement of participants coaching outside the ‘classroom’).  The discussions that resulted when a query was raised were invaluable providing additional insights.  Your reference to coaching examples was invaluable, the venue (your home board room) worked very well and Angela’s cooking was unsurpassed. 
- Steve Klinakas Project Manager

To Whom It May Concern:
My coaching relationship with Edward went for approximately two years. At the start of this we identified six areas of focus:
1. Leadership
2. Presentation Skills
3. Personal Growth
4. Communication
5. Business Acumen
6. Confidence

Edward structured the monthly coaching sessions to address each area using one on one coaching in the session as well as set tasks and readings. Over the two years we successfully covered each area with my skills and confidence growing dramatically in every area.

In addition to this, Edward was instrumental in developing a strategic plan for the Queensland sales department that aligned our purpose and plan to the people in our organisation. We were able to develop key processes that improved effectiveness and efficiency with the core function of our business as well as important monitors for performance and customer satisfaction. With Edward's help we were able to integrate this strategic plan into the daily operation of the Queensland Sales Department.

My relationship with Edward has grown me as an individual in confidence and leadership that will last with me for the rest of my life. I have been able to take what I’ve learnt from Edward and apply it to my sales department which has is now considered the leading sales department in the country.

Edward has been invaluable to the success and development of the Queensland sales department that has gone from strength to strength over the passed two years.
Yours sincerely,

Ian Linton

Senior District Sales Manager (Toyota Head Office Qld)
0408 892 179

Edward Gifford Speaker and Presenter
How to Create and Build an On-Purpose Business – 2 hour seminar for the Department of State Development and Innovation

Outstanding Presenter – Interesting, inspiring and very worthwhile – (Glenda Lee)
Very good presentation and content and essential information for business owners - (Rennie Frizzo)
Outstanding content and presentation – very interesting approach to what is most important in your professional and business life – (Roger Holton)
Outstanding presenter and outstanding content – (Jan Klul)
Very inspirational and a breath of fresh air – Outstanding presenter and content which was all too short (Rosina Helg)
Outstanding presenter and content – mind altering!  Great to find like minded people (Michelle Stook)
Must attend – fantastic. Outstanding content and presenter (Christine Gjersoe)