Coaching Overview
On-Purpose Partners based on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Australia, offers Personal Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Workplace Coaching, Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching for Individuals, Professionals and Executives who want to enhance their personal and professional leadership, make more sense of their lives and who are seeking to more closely align their life and career with their Purpose.

In keeping with the pace of modern business On-Purpose Partners offers a variety of delivery modes that can be tailored to the individual client.

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1. In Person Coaching
2. Phone Coaching
3. Email Coaching
4. “Just in Time” or Laser Coaching
5. Group Coaching

We also offer a variety of coaching programs.

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    In Person Coaching
    Many participants prefer meeting face to face with their coach.  A mutually convenient venue is decided upon and the coaching takes place there at a time to be arranged.  Typically, the client comes to the coach while in some corporate coaching arrangements, the may come to the workplace as there is usually more than one participant undertaking a coaching program.  An increased fee may be necessary should the coach be required to travel.
    Phone Coaching
    Phone coaching is one of the most widely used coaching modes within the coaching profession/industry.  Some clients find this a more suitable option due either to distance or time constraints or both.  As in face-to-face coaching, the time is booked in advance.  As a mode of coaching it is highly focussed.  It is both efficient and effective.  The ability to ‘interact’ in a more personalised way can be more advantageous than email coaching.  The coaching time is directly relevant to the client’s issues and challenges. Written documents and supporting coaching resources can be emailed or downloaded from our secure site – writing your coaching query and submit a necessary should the coach be required to travel.
    Email Coaching
    If you are looking for a fast way of getting the support you want and looking for a mode of coaching other than face-face or by phone, email coaching may suit you better. A variety of packages are available (e.g.; 1, 3 or 5 sessions). Basically the client submits a query, having logged into a secure site, and the question or issue will receive a response from a coach within 48 hours. Questions and supporting material/ resources will be made available (as applicable). All email responses will have attachments relevant to your issue, question or situation. We have spent over 10 years developing resources and materials that can be directly used by or tailored for you.

    ‘Just in Time’ or Laser Coaching
    With this popular mode of coaching where the coach is usually on a retainer, the client calls the coach when they need a short, highly focussed, ‘just in time’ response to a specific issue. For example, some times an important decision needs to be made and the client seeks impartial, objective support from their coach.  These sessions usually are 15 minutes and the client can call as often as they like during the nominated times (usually 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday).
    Group Coaching
    This is usually in the format of a seminar or workshop and would be on a common topic of interest or relevance to a number of people or a team within an organisation.  Individual coaching may occur after this.