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penOn-Purpose Partners, based at Coomera between the Gold Coast and Brisbane in Queensland offers local and national business consulting as well as business advice, business mentoring, business coaching, strategic thinking, business planning, and business leadership coaching.

Build a Better Business Workshops and Mentoring

Dr Edward Gifford is an approved TAFE Queensland mentor for Small Business Solutions and facilitates the following programs for Business owners seeking to kick start their business and take it to the level that they have always wanted.

If you are like most small business owners, you are so flat out in the daily operations that the all-important strategic thinking and business development time gets put on the back burner.

This program offered by Small Business Solutions will give you clarity and refocus your energy on taking your business to the next level.

  • What you will learn

    ■ Develop your understanding of business finances ...
    and discover the key strategies to increase your business profit.

■ Improve, innovate and systematise your business operations ...
to save time and money.

■ Optimise your business with the latest online business planning tools ...
so you can invest your time strategically to work on your business.

■ Create a practical, user-friendly business action plan ...
which will give you clarity, momentum, growth and profit.

■ Develop an innovative digital marketing plan ...
that will boost your numbers and grow your connection with prospects and customers.

■ Create new actionable ideas ...
which you can strategically implement to take your business to the next level.

■ Improve your time management ...
and reduce your stress with productivity tools and techniques.

■ Reduce your risk ...
by actioning a risk management strategy and business improvement audit.

■ Challenge and change your mindset ...
and be empowered as a 'stand out' purposeful business leader.

How it is delivered
The program can be undertaken in two different modes of delivery

Group mentoring sessions:
■ 4 x 3 hours face-to-face group mentoring workshops
■ Online learning, support and networking
■ 2 hours of one-on-one mentoring to assist with implementation of the business action plan

One-on-one delivery sessions
■ 5 x 1 ½ hours face-to-face sessions
■ Online learning, support and networking

For further information about participating in this program 1/1 or through a small workshop group, contact On-Purpose Partners at For assistance from Small Business Solutions, call 1300 40 60 80.


On-Purpose Partners Business Coaching and Business Advice

A very clear business development framework based on the Four Pillars of The On-Purpose Business has proven valuable in building business success.
Many SMEs have unquestioningly accepted current business paradigms and focused on the best they can do within that operational framework.  Not surprisingly, they have found themselves trapped in a situation where some of the biggest issues and problems facing business still remain unanswered.
History has often shown that the answers can lie outside the square and it takes an outsider to show the way – a paradigm shifter or a paradigm pioneer. An On-Purpose Partner Business Coach and Advisor.


The On-Purpose Business Building Framework

Put simply, the On-Purpose® Service Model helps you to diagnose, evaluate and build your business under 5 layers. Purpose, Plan, People, Processes and Performance are all designed to serve Customers/Clients. Interested? There are ways we can help which do not cost you a fortune in time and money.

Key Features of the On-Purpose Business Approach:
  1. A fully integrated approach. The business Purpose, Plan, People, Processes and Performance are all aligned to ensure maximum service to customers.
  2. The  framework  of the Service Model  for designing and developing the business, its products, programs and services helps everyone in the organisation, from the mail room to the board room, to be doing business on the same page. Focus, consistency and commitment are enhanced.
  3. Through  implementation of The Four Pillars of an On-Purpose Business – Meaning, Mindset, Method and Manner,  productivity and performance of your business are increased. 
  4. The Business Diagnostic Check List provides business owners and leaders with a current assessment of the effectiveness of strategy and operations as well as a planning tool for the future.
  5. The process brings clarity and insight into the organisation by revealing what is working, what isn’t and why.
  6. Clear documentation of the results of the workshops/consulting/coaching processes.

You can make a start by:

Arrange an appointment for a complimentary session to help you assess how this powerful conceptual and practical framework can be adapted to increase business profitability, customer satisfaction and staff motivation.  A number of different flexible configurations can be tailored to suit your specific business requirements.

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  • How to take control of your business

  • How to improve the performance, productivity and Purpose of your business

  • How to receive subsidised business mentoring and gain a business qualification simultaneously

  • How to leverage yourself to spend more time ON your business and live the lifestyle you choose rather than working full time IN your business

  • How to become an On-Purpose Associate Business Coach

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