Corporate Licensing and Consulting

a2On-Purpose Partners, based at Coomera between the Gold Coast and Brisbane in Queensland offers local, national and international corporate and business licences to use our proprietary coaching, training and leadership products. We also are engaged to develop a write corporate leadership training programs.

Commissioning and Licensing
On-Purpose Partners have a proven track record in developing and writing world class leadership training packages for use in the business and corporate sector.  

Our commissioned engagements include the following:

Developing Managers as Coaches
This two day (plus 1) workshop was commissioned by an international HR Company.  It develops leadership skills in workplace coaching.  DMAC has been developed especially for the corporate sector for organisations seeking to build leadership capacity, enhance team performance and productivity through developing a coaching culture.  This successful program is already on licence to an international HR Company. (Participant’s Workbook. Power Point and Facilitator’s Manual).

Career Move
This is a 16 hour (2 by 8 hour) Executives Careers Coaching Program commissioned by a niche market Executive Search Company and is currently on license to 3 Recruitment Companies.  It is a customised, results orientated program designed for motivated executives who want to ensure the best positioning to achieve their desired career opportunity.  This is an intensive program to assist executives who want to manage, lead and take control of their strategic career position and direction in a competitive market. (Participant’s Workbook/Toolbox and Coaches Handbook)

The On-Purpose Fresh-Start Coaching Program
Developed and trialled over three years and commissioned by an Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Centre, this Coaching Program is designed to accompany medically based interventions and runs over a 6-12 month period.  This program has also been successfully used with Naltrexone Implant recipients.  (Participant’s Coaching Workbook and Coaches Manual)

Contact us for information on how we can assist you in learning and development programs for your leaders and managers, licensing our world class products and how we can build leadership capability in your corporation.