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On-Purpose Partners based at Coomera on the Gold Coast of Queensland servicing the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast has qualified leadership coaches, executive coaches and business coaches, ready to inspire and assist you in your leadership capacity, workplace productivity and workplace performance.

tick Are you looking to take your leadership capacity to the next level and would you like an experienced and professional executive coach to give you confidence to make it happen?
tick How well have you positioned yourself to meet the growing and challenging needs in the workplace?
tick Are you looking for leadership and communication strategies to enhance your relationships with co-workers?
tick Is your vision for your colleagues and teams for them to be happier, more fulfilled and empowered in their professions and careers?


Our Leadership and Executive Coaching Process and Outcomes

If, like many professionals, you have identified "gaps" in your leadership capacity, knowledge and skills, we can assist through our Leadership and Executive Coaching Services. These are always custom designed to meet your personal, professional and organisational needs. We can also work with you to build leadership capacity with the Profiles CheckPoint 360 Competency Feedback System or other feedback assessment tools.

tick Our Coaching Process is outcomes driven, relationship focused and self-directed.
tick We develop the executive's capacity for self-understanding, building constructive relationships and planning their strategic future, within the context of organisational/ business purpose and objectives.
tick Through providing support and by being a 'sounding board', we encourage analytical reflection of day to day tasks, decisions, and relationships. Conversations are directed by the participant's needs and aspirations.
tick The desired outcomes are directly tailored to the strategic plan and direction of the organisation.
tick Both short and long term goals would be addressed in the coaching period.
tick Through the coaching process, the awareness and 'hands on' learning of the organisation's executives and managers is enhanced.


Building Organisational Leadership Capacity may include the following Issues:

tick Identification and strengthening of gaps (including leadership, competency, attitude, thinking, infrastructure gaps) from Learning and Development Plans.
tick Facilitation of a review of current strategic and operational organisational plans to ensure integration and achievement of objectives.
tick Development of interpersonal skills to improve management skills and to engage clients better through trust relationships.
tick Acceleration of achievement of KPI's.
tick Improvement of communication and tackling workplace inefficiencies attributed to team communication and staff differences.
tick Working more productively and cooperatively with direct reports and co-workers.
tick Enhancement of executive's performance by alignment of personal and corporate leadership values thereby enabling personal growth to enhance management of self and the team.
tick Leading and managing organizational and cultural changes due to policy or Govt. requirements
tick Preparation of executives, leaders and managers to maximise 'buy in' during times of change and uncertainty.
tick Working with senior executives and managers in building new teams and implementing new strategies.
tick Development of a fully integrated HR Strategic Plan
tick Establishing a coaching culture within the organisation
tick Leadership and cross cultural management


Building Personal Leadership Capacity may include the following Issues:


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