Human Resource Strategy
handshandsOn-Purpose Partners, based at Coomera between the Gold Coast and Brisbane in Queensland offers local, national and international general HR consulting as well as executive leadership coaching, strategic thinking, business planning, and personal leadership coaching.

Introducing The On-Purpose HR Strategy

Many organisations have well developed business plans but have not developed a comprehensive and fully integrated HR Strategy to ensure successful implementation of the plan.

Strategic Planning is the process of developing and aligning purpose, vision, missions and values and strategic initiatives that enable the organisation to take control of and develop its own future within the context of a global economy and its own environment.

tick In the case of corporate strategic planning, On-Purpose Partners believes that Human Resources must consider a strategy that has a point of integration so that Purpose, Planning, People, Process and Performance of its people integrate to provide high satisfaction to its customers.
tick On-Purpose Partners' strategic human resources management emphasises the development of employees, commitment to the corporate purpose, vision and values, organisational culture, flexibility in the workplace, continuous learning, empowerment, motivation, dialogue development and process-oriented change. This contrasts with more traditional approaches to personnel management and labour relations.
tick Human Resources are key to an organisation attaining its overall purpose, its corporate visions and goals. Human Resources play an integral role in the organisation's strategic plan.
tick Human Resources as a strategic partner in the organisation, must also be results-orientated and align with the organisation's purpose, visions, missions and values.
tick The On-Purpose HR Approach ensures that your organisation is proactive by charting its own future by design and intention, rather than responding to issues as they happen. It also ensures that the organisation can advance its self-interest while enhancing the humanity and welfare of its people and the community.
tick The On-Purpose HR Strategic Planning approach demonstrates a clear understanding of how the world of work is changing. It acknowledges that workplaces of the future will only be effective if built on the understanding of shared purpose and values, and an agreement of core beliefs about the nature of humanity that gives substance to those shared values.
tick The On-Purpose HR Framework and model provides a fully integrated approach to help solve many of the existing HR challenges in business and organisations today. Such a consistent framework ensures that everyone in the organisation, from the mail room to the board room, is on the same page.

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