Personal Leadership Coaching

a3On-Purpose Partners, based at Coomera between the Gold Coast and Brisbane in Queensland offers local, national and international executive leadership coaching, career coaching and personal life coaching to assist busy professionals and executives wanting to enhance their personal and professional leadership, gain work-life balance and align their career to their life Purpose.This leadership coaching program is ideal for executives who are seeking to understand their current restraints and opportunities and who seek to make a difference and be more purposeful and focused in their career and life.

As this program addresses and challenges core beliefs, key attitudes and current behaviour, it will be highly relevant to professionals wanting to make proactive and positive life-long transformation.Client focussed outcomes and effective action plans are built into each of the 12 sessions within the context of the Coaching Framework and Coaching Learning Model.

Outcomes of The On-Purpose Leader Coaching Program

The coaching process is designed to enable you as a leader to:

tick Gain a heightened level of self-awareness
tick Identify, question, and refocus on the things that matter most in your life
tick Break unwanted habits and form new ones
tick Understand how your world view affects your personal and professional outcomes
tick Move from confusion to clarity in your personal and professional life
tick Discover your Purpose in life and learn how to align your life and work to your Purpose
tick Manage your life more effectively so you can do more of what you do best
tick Reduce your stress levels, plan and prioritise more effectively, and have more quality time with your family and partner
tick See how the unconscious ordering of your life can have a dramatic impact negatively or positively on you
tick Articulate your core, wants, visions, missions and values for your seven life areas (family, physical/health, financial, spiritual, social, intellectual, and vocational)
tick Know how you are called to serve and make a difference at home and at work
tick Develop a life style model that is integrated, holistic and fulfilling
tick Answer the questions Why am I here? Where am I headed? How will I live out my purpose? and How do I live out my core values?

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