Strategic Thinking & Planning

ladderOn-Purpose Partners is based at Coomera on the Gold Coast of Queensland servicing the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast as well as Sydney and Melbourne. We have highly regarded and experienced strategic thinking, strategic planning, and business planning experts ready to inspire and assist you in your developing your organisation's new strategic direction. We specialise in helping organisations clarify their purpose and align their vision, missions and values with their DNA-their Purpose.

How We Assist Corporations to be On-Purpose?

The speed at which business and product innovation is moving today means that CEOs and managers now need to develop new skills. Identifying problems before they become problems and identifying opportunities in time to launch them onto the marketplace ahead of competitors are what is required from 21st century organisations. History has shown that the answers often lie outside the square and it takes an outsider to show the way - a paradigm shifter or a paradigm pioneer, an On-Purpose Partner. If you want to move from good to great and to be On-Purpose, we would be honoured to work with you. We always seek customer confluence and we are On-Purpose when we have On-Purpose customers/clients.

How can on-Purpose Partners work with you?
Meeting with you to identify your needs and wants allows us to best tailor our products and services to assist you. You could draw from the following:


tick Strategic Thinking Workshops based on the Four Pillars of The On-Purpose Organisation and The On-Purpose Service Model. These help everyone in the organisation, from the mail room to the board room, to be doing business on the same page.
tick Typically we work with managers and team leaders to develop and implement a strategic story based around the Purpose, Plan, People, Process and Performance of the organisation. All these combine hierarchically to service your customers/clients. A series of guiding questions (54) (The On-Purpose Strategic Thinking Diagnostic) derived from the books The On-Purpose Business (Kevin W. McCarthy), available in our store, and Good to Great (Jim Collins) form the basis of our strategic thinking workshops.
tick You can purchase a copy of our Strategic Thinking Strategy from our Store.
tick The Manager as Leader Coach. On-Purpose Partners has recently released a two-day workshop (plus on-going training) to train managers to coach in the workplace and to implement a coaching culture within an organisation. This workshop was commissioned by an international HR company and On-Purpose Partners has retained the rights to use this.
tick Executive, Leadership and Workplace Coaching. Our team of experienced coaches (all authors in leadership and management also) are available to assist your organisation.
tick TOP Performer Workshop. This one day workshop takes the principles of The On-Purpose Business and the unique Four Pillars of an on-purpose organisation and applies them to individual team members of your organisation. It covers Meaning (The Purpose Principle), Mindset (Think Inc. v Stink Inc.), Method (The Service Model) and Manner (Doing More of What You Do Best). It's a must do for any organisation wanting to improve the purpose, productivity and performance of their team members.
tick The On-Purpose Person (Power of Your Purpose) Workshop focuses on how your team can have work-life integration and live out their purpose across all life areas.
tick We have a number of leadership workshops based on the work of John Maxwell.
tick Personality Profiling.


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